What is wealth management?

For us it means making good decisions about how you utilize your money and plan for the future. Informed money management is about controlling habits and emotions. You can either spend everything you earn today, or you can spend a little less and set aside something for the future that may be able to compound over time.

Let us help. We enjoy meeting with working families to help them manage resources so they can save for future financial goals, including those for their retirement years. We are a local, approachable business that strives to provide a memorable service experience for our customers—objective and independent investment and financial advice is provided through conversations and with clear explanations.

Read more about some of the services we offer:

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is probably the leading incentive for objective money management. Funding retirement is a concern for many people. We take into consideration all of your investments to have a clear understanding of what your financial picture may look like up to and through retirement. After conversations with you, we can design an investment strategy that helps you stay on track to address your needs and retirement.

401(k) Transition Assistance

There are many types of employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k), 403(b), and SIMPLE IRA plans. When your employment changes, knowing your options is important and we can help. See us to learn about these options and discuss the suitable course for you, such as a rollover, maintaining the plan at the former employer, consolidating with an existing plan, or cashing out the account value. 

Consolidating Accounts

More is not always better when it comes to retirement accounts. By having your accounts in one place and with one advisor, you can still diversify within the accounts, easily keep track of your investments, manage fees, decrease paperwork and filing, and more easily make changes to the accounts, such as address or beneficiary updates. Consolidation can simplify your life.


Our investment products are non proprietary, meaning we are not tied to specific products. LPL Financial is an independent broker/dealer that does not have its own products. The firm’s research team provides market analysis and fund recommendations. Because we are not selling LPL Financial products nor have quotas that need to be met, we can find investments that fit your objectives, attitudes and risk tolerance and help you pursue your goals. 

Particularly interested in socially responsible investing? Click here for more information on how this type of investing, now more commonly called sustainable investing, can be incorporated into your investment strategies. The return may be lower than if the adviser made decisions based solely on investment considerations.

Risk Management

Life insurance is an essential factor to your household’s financial health. It can provide a source of income for your spouse or family at a time of loss, thereby alleviating a significant financial burden and increasing their chances of pursuing long-term goals. We discuss life insurance to ensure there is sufficient coverage for your household.

Small Business Retirement Plans

We know small businesses in Southeast Minnesota have different needs than most large corporations. Our experience includes administering 401(k), 403(b), and SIMPLE IRA plans. We work with employers to ensure they have a suitable plan—one that makes sense for their bottom line and is a true benefit for employees. Whether a sole proprietor or small employer, contact us for assistance with finding a plan that is an appropriate fit for your business.

College Savings

Planning for a child’s or grandchild’s education funding can be daunting, as there are various savings and investment avenues. We can help by discussing options that fit your objectives and that may offer more flexibility or may not negatively impact financial aid. There are simplified ways to save assets for education beyond a designated college fund.

Estate Planning

We help you ensure you have beneficiaries in place and up-to-date for any investment products that you have. Both your financial advisor and attorney should have a clear understanding of your objectives, so assets may be passed on to your heirs efficiently and successfully.

Charitable Giving

Philanthropy can be an important use of wealth. The act of giving will advance charities and provide personal contentment; while at the same time, diverting assets to donations can reduce tax burdens. We can assist clients with evaluating charitable giving options so they can support the causes they care about and make philanthropy a part of their overall wealth management strategy

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